Customer Stories

City Upgrades Grit Removal & Washing to Solve Odor Problems

Odor problems at the Missoula Wastewater Treatment Plant were so bad at one point recently, that the city received more than 200 odor complaints from the public in one calendar year and a violation from the county health department. 

Advanced Grit Removal Resolves Plant’s Combined Sewer Challenges

The Shamokin Coal Township (Penn.) Joint Sewer Authority’s 2015 treatment plant upgrade and expansion, designed by Great Valley Consultants, centered on two primary goals: long term control to mitigate overflows emanating from combined sewers and enhanced biological treatment capability.

Rogers WWTP Baffles Grit and Variable Flows with PISTA® 360™

“Do the very best job we can,” is the simple, yet effective, philosophy undertaken by Rogers Water Utilities Plant Manager Mike Lawrence and his staff.

WWTP Plant Upgrade Achieves 98% Grit Removal with PISTA® 360™

Home to the state capital, two major universities, several Fortune 1000 companies, and a rich cultural heritage, the City of Baton Rouge is one of America’s most dynamic, growing cities.

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