Customer Stories

Napa County Winery Treats Wastewater On-Site with Winery FAST®

Wine caves are growing increasingly popular in California’s wine country — especially in Napa County where there are more than 100 wineries utilizing some kind of wine cave in its operation. Caves provide environmental benefits while preserving land to plant vineyards.

Eco-Focused Winery Selects the Sustainable TITAN MBR™

Recognized as authorities of bio-dynamic farming techniques and sustainable winemaking in France, family owners of a particular Sonoma County winery sought to utilize eco-friendly practices also in their California vineyards.

S&L Assists Food Processor with Treatment Plant Solution

The macadamia nut is indeed favored by many as a high quality nut, evidenced by its extensive use in desserts or simply as a premium stand-alone snack. One of the world’s leading producers of these delicious nuts produces more than 15 million pounds each year from its Hawaii processing plant.

Camp's Variable Wastewater Flows No Match for S&L's FAST®

Fed up with a wastewater treatment system poorly equipped to deal with variable flow conditions, one retreat and camp facility thought FAST® and found a more effective and operator-friendly solution.

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