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95% Grit Removal (105 microns) at All Flows

Smith & Loveless’ commitment to market leadership in screening technologies and grit removal kindles on-going research and development, which leads to continued system innovations. Since the introduction of the original vortex PISTA® Grit Chamber in the early 1970s, and with decades of screen innovation, S&L has developed numerous advancements to further enhance the capability for complete headworks. This innovation and experience make S&L systems the industry’s most specified headworks systems today.

High removal efficiencies originate from the PISTA® Grit Chamber’s unparalleled hydraulic design, including its flat chamber floor, patented  and low-energy axial-flow propeller. The combination creates a true vortex that effectively separates grit from organics and the waste stream. Forced vortex action distinguishes the PISTA® Grit Chamber from all other so-called “vortex” grit chambers because it does not rely on less efficient particle settling or gravity.


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Grit Removal Design Factors

There are many important factors to consider when designing your next Grit Removal system. Let’s take a look at three of the most important: Footprint, Efficiency and Cost.


Grit Removal System Comparison

Understanding the pros and cons of different types of technologies helps you choose the right one.

95% Grit Removal

@ All Flows with Only One Technology

13 grit test reports reveal the PISTA® Grit Removal System removes 95% of grit at all flows.

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