PISTA® TURBO™ Grit Pump Retrofit

Smith & Loveless’ rugged PISTA® TURBO™ Grit Pump is the only pump in the industry exclusively designed for pumping grit separated from sewage.

The PISTA® TURBO™ Grit Pump is available in both top-mounted vacuum-primed and remote-mounted flooded-suction configurations. Equipped with a Ni-Hard volute and Ni-Hard recessed impeller mounted completely out of the flow path of the abrasive fluid, the PISTA® TURBO™ Grit Pump also features a heavy-duty, solid, stainless steel shaft, heavy-duty bearings and mechanical seal, and it comes available in 4” and 6” (10.1 and 15.2 cm) piping arrangements.

Now available with the SONIC START® STREAMLINE™ Prime Sensing System!

Sizing4" - 6" pumps (100 - 150 mm)
CapacityUp to 500 GPM (32 lps)
Horsepower1.5 - 40 HP
TypeVacuum Primed & Flooded Suction
MaterialsNi-Hard Impeller & Volute

Airlift Conversions

Many of our original air lift pumps installed prior to 1982 are still in operation. These work well and provide years of dependable service. We continue to produce and manufacture parts supporting these models.

Air lift pumps are usually designed for low flow applications or where plant air is readily available. If your plant flow has increased, consider converting to the top mounted PISTA® TURBO™ Grit Pump. This is the most common application for our PISTA® line. The advantages are numerous. With the addition of the PISTA® Grit Fluidizer, it makes plugging almost unheard of in the pump itself. Constructed with a Ni-Hard Impeller and Ni-Hard volute, this makes one tough combination.

  • Ni-Hard Impeller & volute
  • Utilizes single mechanical seal, which eliminates need for seal water filter system
  • Top-Mounted units eliminate expensive piping while lowering the head and horsepower requirements
  • Delivers more flow at higher head than conventional airlifts
  • Oversized shaft and bearings typified robust construction, resulting in longevity

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