Superfund / Groundwater

Contaminant levels and toxic constituents in a facility's wastewater can create toxins and other wastes that seep into precious groundwater sources. But not on our watch!

Biological treatment of contaminated groundwater sources is a more frequently utilized option for complex applications. This is an area of expertise for Smith & Loveless. S&L has worked closely, in particular with refineries and U.S. Superfund operations, to provide working solutions to groundwater contamination problems.

Smith & Loveless features a unique fixed-film treatment system (FAST®) for flows up to 200,000 GPD (0.2 MGD) and above that, the Model R OXIGEST®, can combine the entire biological treatment and settling process into a concentric tank design. This design maximizes space-efficiency – often necessary at refineries and like facilities – while minimizing capital and O&M costs because of the reduced yard piping and tankage required in standard designs.


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